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(Submitted January 07, 1997)

I have one silly question if you can respond to me. I am working in a Japanese cosmetic company, and our president plans to climb Mt. Everest this year. He is over 60, so he is worried about keeping his body temperature. He is wondering what kind of underwear astronauts wear to keep warm?? I checked the homepage of Star Child Team, and other homepages. They say astronauts wear same usual clothes inside, but how about outside of the shuttle??

The Answer

We work on developing, building and analyzing data from detectors designed to observe X-rays and gamma-rays, and don't have expertise with human space flight. I did do some hunting around for information about the astronauts and didn't find anything specific about what they wear underneath their space suits. I think the suit itself probably provides the protection from extreme cold temperatures but I am not sure of this.

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