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Electromagnetic Spectrum - Solution

Word Find Puzzle Solution

1. Radio Energy emitted into the air from your boom box.
2. Photon Electromagnetic radiation can be described in terms of a stream of these type of particles.
3. Microwaves Energy from this will cook popcorn.
4. Stars Large balls of gas that create and emit their own radiation.
5. Infrared This type of radiation is normally felt as heat.
6. Visible The part that our eye can see.
7. Sun A source of ultraviolet radiation.
8. Wavelength Distance between adjacent peaks in a series of periodic waves.
9. Ultraviolet This radiation is abbreviated as UV.
10. Second Unit of time
11. X-rays A doctor uses these to look at your bones.
12. Radiation Energy radiated in the form of waves.
13. EM spectrum A name scientists give to the full range of types of radiation.
14. Gamma rays Radioactive materials can emit these.
15. Frequency Measured in cycles per second.

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