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The Sun as an X-ray Source

Try This!

The Sun is about 6000 Kelvin. The Kelvin temperature scale is defined as the fundamental SI unit of thermodynamic temperature defined as 1/273.16 of the thermodynamic temperature of the triple point of water.

More practically speaking, the Kelvin temperature scale measures an object's temperature above absolute zero.

On the Kelvin scale the freezing point of water is:

273 (= 0oC = 32oF) [K = 273 + C = 273 + 5/9 * (F - 32)]

The Kelvin temperature scale is often used in sciences such as astronomy.

Your Turn to Convert
(Don't use any commas in your answers.)

  1. Figure out how hot 6000 K is in the Celsius temperature scale.

    Start by knowing your conversion equation:
    = 273.16 +
    = 273.16 + (Fill in the blanks)


This activity was developed by Kim Cochrane, Bowie High School, Bowie Maryland.

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