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Other Good General Science
Education Web Sites

    * Science Information Infrastructure Resources --- Educational resources based on NASA images and data sets

    * CPES Micro Computer Lab --- Physics activities and an index of other physics websites.

    * Challenger Center for Space Education --- Educational simulations, activities, news, and information. Challenger Center focuses specifically on comets, Mars, Earth, the Moon, International Space Station, the Space Shuttle, space probes, and the Solar System in general.

    * Swift Eduction and Public Outreach --- Swift's Education and Public Outreach Page contains curriculum materials, information about educator training, as well as various interesting multimedia.

    * MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network

    This site allows educators and students to control several telescopes to observe various celestial objects. The Micro Observatory can be a very exciting resource for high school teachers working with students on astronomy, or undergraduate astronomy professors. And the service is free!

    * Exploring the Science of Light

    The teacher's corner on Optics for Kids includes lesson plans and educational activities, conveniently separated by grade-level

    * An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time

    "An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time." This is a good resource for educators who need to describe a very old and large Universe to a skeptical classroom. Provides some guidelines for teachers and some information for the general public.

    * Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement

    This site is an index of over 100 experiments appropriate for a range of ages. The physics section includes matter, mechanics, fluids, optics and waves, and electricity and magnetism.

    * Astronomical Society of the Pacific: Good Astronomy Activities on the World Wide Web

    Astronomy Activities collected by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Includes activities for all grade levels. Give your students the opportunity to explore subjects like galaxies, planets, life beyond Earth, stars, telescopes, and much more!

    * The sky in your computer

    This site offers computer shareware and freeware for various astronomy applications. Ranging from observational astronomy to computational astrophysics, there's a wide range of software for a variety of computer platforms.

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