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Math Vantage

Math Vantage is broadcast on local public television stations and you may copy any or all of the programs. You should check your local public television station for airing times. Usually media centers at schools or in school divisions will tape these programs for their teachers to use. You might check with your media center to see if Unit 5 - The Language of Mathematics #21 Digitizing with Binary Power has been copied. You may also purchase individual programs for $39.95 each or with special savings entire units are available for purchase. To order, or for your free, no-obligation preview (your only cost is return postage) of up to two programs per module, you can contact GPN at P. O. Box 80669, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501-0669. Or call toll free, 1-800-228-4630. To order by fax, dial 800-306-2330. E-mail:

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