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SNR: Inputting the Spectrum

Inputting the Spectrum

To begin your analysis, you first need to tell Xspec which data set it should be analyzing. In the Xspec Command Window, type the following command:

easydata e0102suzaku

As shown below:

Xspec Command window with the easydata command entered on the command

Xspec Command Window showing the input easydata command. (Click for a larger view.)

It may take 30 seconds or more for Xspec to load the spectrum. In addition, a few warning messages may be displayed while the spectrum loads. As long as you see the messages "Response successfully loaded." and "Arf successfully loaded." above the Xspec prompt (which looks like this: XSPEC12>), the data will have loaded properly.

This command loads three files into Xspec: the data from the Suzaku telescope (e0102suzaku.pha) and two additional files (e0102suzaku.rmf and e0102suzaku.arf) which Xspec uses to convert the telescope's data into physically meaningful values.


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