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Student Hera: HERA Timing Analysis Tools

Timing Analysis Tools

Tools covered in this section
* List Data
*Plot Light Curve
*Search via Fold
*Epoch Fold

It is obvious that some more robust tools will be needed in order to get a quantitative look at the data. The XRONOS suite of timing analysis tools does just that for timing data. The tools in the XRONOS folder consist of mathematical analysis tools that can be used to analyse lightcurves in FITs form such as These tools allow you to manipulate the data in order to get a more quantitative measure of the period within a set of data, as well as help improve "by eye" guesstimates.

There are many things that can be learned from such an analysis. For example, it was Tycho Brahe's careful analysis of the changing positions of the planets in our Solar System over time that led to the discovery that our Sun is at the center of the Solar System and not the Earth! Click on "Next Page" to get started.


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