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Suzaku: The X-ray Imaging Spectrometer

The X-ray Imaging Spectrometer

There are four XIS detectors on Suzaku, each using a charge-coupled device (CCD) to detect the X-rays. These CCDs convert the X-ray photon into a cloud of electrons, where the total charge of the cloud is proportional to the X-ray energy. This cloud is moved (by voltages applied to the chip) in bucket-brigade fashion across the CCD chip and measured at the end as an electric charge. The charge measurement gives you a very accurate estimate of the energy of the original X-ray. Each CCD consists of 1024 x 1024 pixels, and is about 25 mm on a side. Each one covers a region on the sky 18 arc minutes x 18 arc minutes.

Each XIS detector is at the focal point of its own XRT.

X-ray Imaging Spectrometers
The four Suzaku X-ray Imaging Spectrometers. (Click for larger view.)

Publication Date: June 2005


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