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Profile: Dr. James C. Lochner

Jim Lochner
Jim at Yerkes Observatory
Credit: G. Cvetic

Dr. Jim Lochner

    Job Description: Astrophysicist & Astronomy Educator


Dr. James Lochner has developed educational materials for NASA since 1996. To this endeavor, he brings a lifelong fascination with astronomy and a background as an astrophysicist, as well as his experience enabling teachers and students to improve their understanding of the universe. Dr. Lochner is currently on a two-year detail as the Science Mission Directorate E/PO Program Manager at NASA Headquarters. Prior to that, he was the E/PO Lead for the Astrophysics Science Division at NASA/GSFC, which includes both formal and informal education programs, as well as outreach programs. He also served as E/PO lead for the High Energy Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) and the Suzaku mission at NASA/GSFC. He led his team in the development of curriculum support materials on topics ranging from galaxies to the origin of the chemical elements to our evolving understanding of the nature of the universe. These materials include educator guides, classroom resources, and student access to astronomy data, all collected on the Imagine the Universe! website. He has managed all stages of development, from initial conception, working with lesson developers, design of the product, evaluation and testing of the materials, development of teacher workshops, and distribution of the final materials. He has given a number of public talks and numerous educator workshops nationwide at locations that include National Science Teacher Association national and regional conferences, and at the National Educational Computing Conference.

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