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Dr. Laura A. Whitlock - Science Conference and Non-Refereed Journal Publications

Dr. Laura A. Whitlock - Science Conference and Non-Refereed Journal Publications

Science Conference and Non-Refereed Journal Publications

"On the Unexplained Outbursts of Comet P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak", N.Y. Misconi and L.A. Whitlock, Proceedings from International Conference on Cometary Exploration, Budapest, Hungary, November, 1982

"The 1974 Recurrence of X-Ray Transient 4U0115+63", L. A. Whitlock, D. Roussel-Dupre, and W.C. Priedhorsky, BAAS, 17, No. 4, 849, 1985

"A New Look at the Vela 5B Data: Results From Reorganization", L.A. Whitlock and D. Roussel-Dupre, BAAS, 18, No. 4, 918, 1986

"PEARLSS, A Sensor System Simulation of the Effects of Contaminants", L.A. Whitlock and J.L. Jackson, Space Optics for Astrophysics, Technical Digest Series, 19, 144, 1991

"PEARLSS, A Sensor Analysis Tool for Contamination Effects", L.A. Whitlock and J.L. Jackson, BAAS, 23, No. 4, 1433, 1991

"Simulation of Effects on Sensor Performance from Particulates in the Near Field-of-View", J. L. Jackson and L. A. Whitlock, SPIE Vol. 1687, Characterization, Propagation, and Simulation of Sources and Backgrounds II, Orlando, FL, April 1992

"Simulation of Effects of Particulates in the Near Field-of-View on Spaceborne Surveillance Sensor Performance", L.A. Whitlock and J.L. Jackson, SPIE Vol. 1693, Surveillance Technologies II, Orlando, FL, April 1992

"4BOUNCE and VBOUNCE: Models for the Study of Contamination Transport and Dynamics", L.A. Whitlock, L.B. Glasgow, and J.L. Jackson, SPIE Vol. 1754, Contamination: Simulation, Measurement, and Control III, San Diego, CA, July, 1992

"PEARLSS, A Model for Contamination Effects: Description and Results", L. A. Whitlock and J. L. Jackson, SPIE Vol. 1753, Stray Radiation, San Diego, CA, July 1992

"The Ariel 5 and Vela 5B All-Sky Monitor Databases", L. Whitlock, J. Lochner, and K. Rhode, Legacy, No.2, 1992

"Vela 5B Observations of the Small Magellanic Cloud", L.A. Whitlock and J.C. Lochner, BAAS, 24, No.4, 1267, 1992

"Doing Timing Analyses with the Vela 5B All-Sky Monitor Data: The 10-Year Behavior of GX301-2", L.A. Whitlock, Proc. from Internat. Conf. on Appl. of Time Series Analysis in Ast. and Meteor., Padua, Italy, September, 1993

"All-Sky Monitor Databases Update", L. A. Whitlock and P.Tyler, Legacy, No. 4, 1994

"Once Upon a Time in the Basement...", L. A. Whitlock, Legacy, No.4, 1994

"HEAO-1 and the A2 Experiment", J. Allen, K. Jahoda, and L. Whitlock, Legacy, No.5, 27, 1994

"HEAO-1 A4 Data and Data Products", D. Gruber and L. Whitlock, Legacy, No.5, 35, 1994

"Einstein Observatory (HEAO-2) Level 0 Data and Software at the HEASARC", L. Whitlock and M. Garcia, Legacy, No.5, 39,1994

"EUV Scatter from Particulate Contaminated Mirrors", M. Newell, L. Whitlock, and R. Keski-Kuha, SPIE Vol. 2541, Optical Scattering in the Optics, Semiconductor, and Computer Disk Industries, 174, 1995

"HEASARC Missions Pages", L. Whitlock and J. Allen, Legacy, No.6, 42, 1995

"Status Report for Data Archive and Restoration Efforts (11/94 - 8/95)", L. Whitlock, Legacy, No.6, 45, 1995

"A History of High-Energy Astrophysics Satellites", L. Whitlock and J. Allen, BAAS, 27, No.4, 1332, 1995

"The High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center", L. Whitlock, J. Allen, and J. Lochner, BAAS, 28, No.4, 1996

"The High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center...and More!", L. Whitlock, PASP, Dec 1997

"Lesson Plans and Lessons Learned", J. A. Cliffe, L. A. Whitlock, J.C. Lochner, and K.C. Granger, BAAS, 1997

"Bringing High Energy Astronomy to the World: Education and Public Outreach at the HEASARC", L. Whitlock, Legacy, No. 7, 8, 1998


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