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Electromagnetic Spectrum - Try This!

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Try this!

Circle the term in the puzzle that fits each clue. Then write the term on the line. The terms read across or down.

You can either print out the puzzle and circle the words or do the puzzle on your computer screen. To do the puzzle on the computer, click your mouse on the first letter of the word you have found in the puzzle. The page will then reload with a red circle around the letter you have selected. Then click the mouse on the last letter of the word. If you have selected a correct word in the puzzle, it will light up!

To check the 'fill-in' answers, click the 'Update' button.

1. Energy emitted into the air from your boom box.
2. Electromagnetic radiation can be described in terms of a stream of this type of particle.
3. Energy from these will cook popcorn.
4. Large balls of gas that create and emit their own radiation.
5. This type of radiation is normally felt as heat.
6. The part that our eye can see.
7. A source of ultraviolet radiation.
8. Distance between adjacent peaks in a series of periodic waves.
9. This radiation is abbreviated as UV.
10. Unit of time
11. A doctor uses these to look at your bones.
12. Energy radiated in the form of waves.
13. A name scientists give to the full range of types of radiation.
14. Radioactive materials can emit these.
15. Measured in cycles per second.

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This activity was developed by Cheryl Carter, Bladensburg High School, Bladensburg, MD


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