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Lightcurves, Spectra, and Images - Try This!

Lightcurves, Spectra, and Images

wavelength vs. intensity for Spica, the Sun, and Antares
The graph shows the temperatures (in Kelvin), the intensity of radiation, and the wavelength of radiation for three very hot celestial bodies. Notice the differences in the intensity and wavelength for the three different bodies.


flux vs. RXTE mission day
The plot shows the quick-look data for the galaxy CENA. Flux is plotted versus the RXTE Mission Day (defined as the number of days since January 1, 1994, or MJD 49353). Uncertainties in the flux are shown by the vertical bars extending above and below each data point. Marks with crosses are weighted averages over 10 observations.


Hydra A
The Chandra X-ray image of Hydra A shows strands of 35-40 million degree Celsius gas embedded in a large cloud of equally hot gas that is several million light years across. This galaxy cluster is located 840 million light years from Earth.


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