Imagine the Universe!
Case Notes:

Stars exploding? Who would do such a thing? Join Detective Eagle Quark on his investigation of this mystery in this Space Forensics interactive game.

Space Forensics is an educational program where astronomical phenomena are treated like criminal investigations. Through this game, armchair crime solvers experience the universal process of science, a cycle of questions and answers that can be used for investigating a crime scene...or seeking out the origins of the chemical elements in the universe.

Follow the in-game prompts to start. Click the "Menu" icon in the lower right corner of the game if you run into trouble, or if you want to save your progress and continue playing later.

This game was created for NASA's Physics of the Cosmos and Cosmic Origins Education Team by commercial developer Automata Studios (partnered with Mess). From mobile and web, to interactive installations, Automata Studios combines creativity and technology to solve their client's challenges.

Enjoyed the game? Send your friends (or students) on an 8-bit adventure - here's a poster you can print and share!

Exploding Star Poster (PDF)

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