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The Anatomy of Black Holes - Page 20


Isaac Newton made a number of contributions to our understanding of gravity and the parameters upon which it is dependent. Consider the table of information below about the Sun and planets in our solar system. Then answer the questions which follow.

table showing mass and accel. of gravity

  1. Based on the data, what generalization seems most appropriate?

  2. Are there any exceptions to the generalization?

  3. If there are exceptions, how might you account for them?

  4. In what way would your weight vary, if at all, if you were to find yourself on each of the bodies in the table? Explain your answer.

  5. From which body would the least energy be required to launch a projectile into space? Explain your answer.






This Extension activity is based on one found in the book Physics Principles and Problems by P. Zitzeitz, et al.

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