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The Hidden Lives of Galaxies - Identifying Galaxies

Activity #2 — Identifying Galaxies


  1. Using the "Hidden Lives of Galaxies" poster, the student will gain knowledge of galaxy morphology.
  2. Student will observe different images of galaxies from the Hubble Space Telescope deep survey image.
  3. Student will be able to identify the basic types of galaxies (spiral, elliptical, barred spiral, peculiar, or irregular) from the Hubble Space Telescope deep survey image.


  1. List the five types of galaxies shown on the "The Hidden Lives of Galaxies" poster and write a brief description of each. (see Transparency #1: Types of Galaxies,
  2. Title___________________________






  3. Observe the Deep Survey Image by the Hubble Space Telescope taken between December 18 — 28, 1995. (See Transparency # 2: Deep Survey Image, Identify the types of the ten galaxies labeled on the Deep Survey Image.

A.______________________ F.______________________

B.______________________ G.______________________

C.______________________ H.______________________

D.______________________ I.______________________

E.______________________ J.______________________


What inferences can you make from observing the Deep Survey Image?


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