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The Hidden Lives of Galaxies - Identifying Galaxies

Activity #2
Identifying Galaxies

  1. Your teacher will show you an image of different types of galaxies. List the five types of galaxies and write a brief description of each.







  2. The "Hubble Deep Field" image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope December 18 - 28, 1995. It was taken of a region near the handle of the Big Dipper, and covers a patch of sky about only 0.05 degrees across (equivalent to the width of a dime viewed 75 feet away). This region was chosen because there are very few stars there. So nearly every object in the image is a galaxy.

    Your teacher will show you a portion of the Hubble Deep Field image. Identify the types of the ten galaxies labeled on the Deep Survey Image.

A.______________________      F.______________________

B.______________________      G.______________________

C.______________________      H.______________________

D.______________________      I.______________________

E.______________________      J.______________________


List at least five specific observations from Deep Survey Image.


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