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Student Worksheet: Design an Atom Poster Advertisement

Design an Atom Poster Advertisement Student Worksheet


Now that you have determined several ways to identify elements, you will be assigned an element to make an advertisement poster on its everyday use. You want to make this poster as appealing as possible for your immediate classmates and school community, so that people will take the time to read and learn about the everyday use of several elements found on the Periodic Table.
Your poster needs to include the following:
  1. a Catchy Title and Atomic Model

  2. the Electronic Configuration

  3. a Listing of physical and chemical properties of your assigned element (at least two each)

  4. a picture of where this element is found and how is it used; in other words, its everyday application; (This picture should either be drawn, taken from the internet, a magazine, or xeroxed copy from a book).

  5. a one-paragraph typed caption for the above picture telling where the element is found and how it is used. Give the element's atomic symbol. This information must be factual and written in your own words. If you choose to do so, your one-paragraph caption can be written as a poem or jingle.


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