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Life Cycles of Stars (Grade K-8) - Page 13


Long before the time of television, movie theaters or video games our ancestors amused themselves by studying the night sky and telling stories about the pictures they saw there. The zodiac names we use today are actually the names our ancestors gave to special star groups known as constellations. How many of the ancient constellation names can you correctly identify? Place the constellation's letter on the line next to its description.

A. Gemini

_____ The Water Carrier
B. Cancer

_____ The Crab
C. Aries

_____ The Goat
D. Libra

_____ The Twins
E. Ursa Major

_____ The Dragon
F. Capricornus

_____ The Winged Horse
G. Leo

_____ The Scorpion
H. Draco

_____ The Bull
I. Pegasus

_____ The Archer
J. Taurus

_____ The Fish
K. Pisces

_____ The Hunter
L. Aquarius

_____ The Lion
M. Sagittarius

_____ The Scales
N. Scorpius

_____ The Ram
O. Orion

_____ The Great Bear

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