Big Explosions and Strong Gravity

Participant Testimonials

"Science is cool. Science is awesome. Girls are learning they can be wonderful scientists, just like the guys. Fantastic to see the professional woman scientists here."

"Scientists in t-shirts are very approachable!"

"This is one of my favorite Girl Scout events since the scientists really seem to enjoy it and they interact so well with the girls."

"Although [my girls] attempted to appear too cool to enjoy this, they were talking about it and questioning when no one was looking."

"I think this was a great time to show the girls about science and women who are actually scientists."

"For those who are interested in science it added to their depth of understanding."

"It gives the girls information and a great opportunity to meet professionals in a science field."

"Girls are learning they can be wonderful scientists, just like the guys. It's fantastic to see the professional women scientists here."

"It introduced them to a field they have not yet studied in school."

"I think it peaked [sic] the girls' interest in a field they may never have explored."

"It was really fun and I learned a lot from this trip to Big Explosions and Strong Gravity."

"I enjoyed how interactive the stations were and how nice everyone was."

"[I learned] that iron in our blood comes from stars that have exploded."

"[I learned that] not all stars explode."

"[I learned that] we are made from stars."

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