Big Explosions and Strong Gravity


Guides for the Four Activities

Below are the resource materials for the four activities. This program has been designed specifically for use with Girl Scouts, but the activities can be used in other settings. The lesson plan write-ups are freely available for use, and most of the materials are inexpensive, but we do recommend that a leader with astronomy knowledge lead the activities, or at least be available to answer questions, whenever possible.

All of the activities are also contained in a complete Manual (PDF) for running the program

  1. Elements and You
  2. Rainbow Analysis
  3. Supernova Explosions
  4. Black Hole Orbits


The Rainbow Analysis, Elements and You, and Supernova Demo activities were either taken from or inspired by the following Imagine the Universe activities:

The Black Hole Orbits activity was adapted from an Adler Planetarium activity. See the Gravity and Black Holes guide (Grades 5-8) under Downloadable Classroom Curriculum.

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