Classroom Materials

All materials listed here were lead by Education and Public Outreach Group at Sonoma State University, who took the lead for the US portion of the XMM-Newton Education program in 2003.

supernova poster image

Supernova Educator Unit

This unit offers background information and hands-on activities involving multi-wavelength views of the dramatic explosion at the endpoint of the life of a massive star - a supernova.

supernova observed by Chandra

X-ray Imaging Activity

Create an image of the Andromeda Galaxy (also known as M31) using approximated X-ray data from XMM-Newton's CCDs.

supernova observed by Chandra

X-ray Spectroscopy Lessons
(now hosted by Imagine the Universe)

This series of lesson plans invites high school students to explore the chemistry and spectroscopy of stars and supernova remnants and understand their relevance and impact on human life.

illustration of a disk around a black hole

Black Hole Rescue!
(hosted by NASA Space Place)

In this flash-based game, rescue words from a black hole one letter at a time before they are pulled in by the gravity of the black hole.

illustration of a disk around a black hole

Dying Stars and the Birth of the Elements
(hosted by Project CLEA)

This exercise for the CLEA software introduces students to nucleosynthesis through X-ray spectroscopy of a supernova remnant. This exercise uses spectra taken with the XMM-Newton satellite of the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A.

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