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Imagine the Universe: Suzaku Educational DVD

Suzaku Educational DVD

Suzaku DVD Title by NASAGlobalAstro

Our educational video/DVD, entitled "Building the Coolest X-ray Satellite," is aimed at a high school level audience. The video covers the history of the mission, including the building of the instruments, real scientists from around the world in action, and a look forward to the scientific results from Suzaku. (Note: During the production of the satellite and its components, Suzaku was know as "Astro-E2." It was not until after launch that it received the name "Suzaku." So, all mentions of the satellite in the video refer to Astro-E2.)

The video is available for streaming on our Youtube channel and our TeacherTube channel. The individual chapters can be downloaded from the Collaboration Across Cultures website, from the pages linked below.

In addition, we have an educator guide to accompany the DVD. Download the educator guide: PDF.

DVD chapters available on the Collaboration Across Cultures website:


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