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Mike Talks About Juggling

Mike and Juggling

Mike's been fascinated by juggling for years. Here's what he has to say about the subject:

How I Learned

"Using a book, I taught myself to juggle 3 balls when I was about 12-13. Then, in my freshman dorm in college, there was a guy who juggled clubs. I really wanted to learn that, but the clubs were expensive. So I created some homemade ones out of broomstick handles and tennis balls, and taught myself to juggle those one summer while home from college!

Mike juggling clubs

"When I got to University of Maryland, I met two grad students who passed clubs together, and I learned how to do that from them. While practicing outside the Physics building one day, another student happened by and asked if I'd be interested in juggling with a group of folks who met weekly in Bowie (Maryland). That's where I met serious jugglers for the first time and really honed my skills over a number of years while attending that club."

Why I Like It

"I've always felt a kinship between my love of music and juggling . There's a lot of rhythm and syncopation involved in juggling, particulary when passing clubs with one or more other jugglers, which introduces an improvisational aspect as well. I suppose it's similar to playing in a band (not that I've ever been musically talented enough to do that). Plus, it's just plain fun to have an unusual skill that impresses people!"

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