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Fermi Stained Glass Coloring Book

The Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope measures some of the highest energy bursts of light in the universe; watching the sky to help scientists answer all sorts of questions about some of the most powerful objects in the universe. This set of coloring pages are based on stained glass-inspired depictions of Fermi and its science.

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Translations for the coloring pages were generously provided by Amy Gouws, Christiaan Geldenhuys, and Stephen Lesage (Afrikkans), Juliette and Stephen Lesage (French), Andrea Gokus (German), Chiraq Prakash Arora, Stephen Lesage, and Roopesh Ojha (Hindi), Giovanna Senatore (Italian), Makoto Arimoto (Japanese), Lucas Baracz and Stephen Lesage (Polish), Rodrigo Nemmen, Fabio Cafardo, and Raniere de Menezes (Portuguese (Brazilian)), Nestor Mirabal (Spanish), Magnus Axelsson (Swedish), and Ali Hassan Khan and Stephen Lesage (Urdu).