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Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory

An artist's conception of the CGRO satellite

An artist's conception of CGRO in oribt. (Credit: NASA)

CGRO being deployed from the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

The CGRO satellite being deployed from the Space Shuttle Atlantis. (Credit: NASA)

Lifetime: April 1991 - June 2000

Country (primary): United States

Primary Science

The Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory, or CGRO for short, was the second of NASA's great observatories. It was designed to study the gamma-ray sky over the energy range of 30 keV to 30 GeV.

Science Highlights

  • Discovered that gamma-ray bursts were distributed evenly over the whole sky
  • Mapped the Milky Way using the 26-Aluminum gamma-ray line
  • Discovered that blazars are the primary sources of the highest energy cosmic gamma-rays

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