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Artist's impression of the Fermi spacecraft.

The Universe is home to numerous exotic and beautiful events, some of which can generate unimaginable amounts of energy. Supermassive black holes, merging neutron stars, streams of hot gas moving close to the speed of light ... these are but a few of the marvels that generate gamma-ray light. Gamma-rays are the most energetic form of radiation, billions of times more energetic than the light our eyes can detect. What is happening to produce this much energy? What happens to the surrounding environment near these phenomena? The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, which launched on June 11, 2008, is opening this high-energy world to exploration and helping us answer these questions.

In these pages you will be able to learn more about the mission itself, find classroom support materials, download images, and discover related resources.

This web site was created by the Fermi Education and Public Outreach effort headed by the Education and Public Outreach group at Sonoma State University in Sonoma County, California.

If you are a researcher looking for technical information about Fermi, please visit the Fermi Project Site.