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XMM-Newton Learning Center

Additional Resources

For educators

  • Imagine the Universe's Gamma-Ray Burst poster and educator guide sets - a printable poster with an accompanying educator guide for engaging learners in gamma-ray burst science.
  • Space Math @ NASA - visit this NASA resource to download hundreds of math problems for grades K12 featuring a behind the scenes look at NASA press release
  • Global Telescope Network Website - an informal association of scientists, students, individuals and observatories interested in supporting the NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, Swift, and XMM-Newton missions by obtaining and reducing ground-based observations for objects related to the primary science goals for these missions.
  • NASA Wavelength - this website contains a searchable database of NASA education support materials covering Earth and space science. The materials cover a variety of learning environments and all age levels from elementary to college.

For all

  • Imagine the Universe - this site is intended for people aged 14 and up to learn about the universe.
  • Star Child - this site is dedicated to educating children about basic astronomical phenomena, such as why the planets don't fly off into space. It is a perfect site for the inquisitive young mind.
  • The Space Place - this site is a fun place for kids to learn about space. There are games and fun materials available to download.
  • ESA's XMM-Newton page - the main XMM-Newton site from the European Space Agency.
  • XMM-Newton Satellite Showcase - A page on XMM-Newton from NASA's Imagine the Universe
  • The XMM Satellite Schoolpage - A website with information and diagrams on the design, launch, and orbit of XMM-Newton for astronomy-interested audiences.

For technical audiences