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Dr. Laura A. Whitlock - Refereed Science Journal Publications

Dr. Laura A. Whitlock - Refereed Science Journal Publications

Refereed Science Journal Publications

"Observations of the X-Ray Transient 4U0115+63", L. Whitlock, D. Roussel- Dupre and W. Priedhorsky, Ap. J., 338, 381, 1989

"Reanalysis of the 1973 Outburst of the X-Ray Transient V0332+53", L. Whitlock, Ap.J., 344, 371, 1989

"Search for X-Ray Eclipses in the 1969 Outburst of Cen X-4", L.A. Whitlock, J.N. Imamura, and W. C. Priedhorsky, Astron. and Astrophys., 238, 140, 1990

"Quasi-Periodic Oscillations of VV Puppis", J.N. Imamura, J. Middleditch, J.D. Scargle, T.Y. Steiman-Cameron, L.A. Whitlock, M.T. Wolff, and K.S. Wood, Ap. J., 419, 793, 1993

"Observations of the Small Magellanic Cloud by the Vela 5B X-Ray Monitor", L.A. Whitlock and J.C. Lochner, Ap. J., 437, 841, 1994


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