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Imagine the Universe!
Ten Year Anniversary!

Our Founders and Our Team

We originally debuted in spring 1996 as "The High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center", under the direction of Dr. Laura Whitlock. Laura was working as a data archive scientist at the HEASARC, but she had a strong interest and background in education. She recognized the World Wide Web as a new tool for education, bringing information and resources to teachers. So she started designing and writing the first learning center web site covering the wide range of topics in high-energy astronomy that the HEASARC scientists worked on. The site's first webmaster was Jesse Allen. Laura also initiated the annual capture of the site on a CD-ROM, and started our series of posters and teacher guides on astronomy topics important to x-ray and gamma-ray astronomy. She also started (and still runs) the StarChild site for younger students.

Since then our team has grown and changed.

10th Anniversary Articles

Publication Date: May 2006