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Imagine the Universe! Ten Year Anniversary

Imagine the Universe!
Ten Year Anniversary!

Our Founders and Our Team

We originally debuted in spring 1996 as "The High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center", under the direction of Dr. Laura Whitlock. Laura was working as a data archive scientist at the HEASARC, but she had a strong interest and background in education. She recognized the World Wide Web as a new tool for education, bringing information and resources to teachers. So she started designing and writing the first learning center web site covering the wide range of topics in high-energy astronomy that the HEASARC scientists worked on. The site's first webmaster was Jesse Allen. Laura also initiated the annual capture of the site on a CD-ROM, and started our series of posters and teacher guides on astronomy topics important to x-ray and gamma-ray astronomy. She also started (and still runs) the StarChild site for younger students.

Since then our team has grown and changed.
star Show me pictures of the Imagine! Team through the years.

Publication Date: May 2006


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