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Chandra X-ray Observatory

Chandra X-ray Observatory

An artist's conception of the Chandra satellite

An artist's conception of the Chandra X-ray Observatory spacecraft with the Galactic Center in the background. (Credit: NASA/CXC/NGST)

The Chandra satellite being deployed

The Chandra X-ray Observatory just beofre it was tilted upward for release from the Space Shuttle Columbia's cargo bay. (Credit: NASA)

Lifetime: July 1999 - present

Country (primary): United States

Primary Science

The principal science objectives of the Chandra X-ray Observatory, or Chandra for short, are to determine the nature of celestial objects from normal stars to quasars, to understand the nature of physical processes which take place in and between astronomical objects, and to generally study the history and evolution of the universe. Observations are made of X-rays from high energy regions such as supernova remnants, X-ray pulsars, black holes, neutron stars, and hot galactic clusters.

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