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An artist's conception of the Kvant-1 module.

An artist's conception of the Kvant-1 module. (Credit: Soviet Space Program)

Lifetime: April 1987 - March 2001 (decay of Mir Space Station's orbit)

Country (primary): Soviet Union

Primary Science

Kvant 1 was a module for the Mir Space Station that included instruments for scientific study and that carried equipment to enhance space station support systems. The scientific payload included an suite of X-ray astronomy detectors and an ultraviolet telescope.

High Energy Science

The International Roentgen X-ray Observatory payload on Kvant-1 consisted of four instruments covering the energy range of 2 to 800 keV.

Science Highlights

  • Demonstrated the efficiency of coded aperture telescopes for hard X-rays
  • Studied Supernova 1987A in X-ray

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