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Röntgen Satellite

Röntgen Satellite

An artist's conception of ROSAT

An artist's conception of ROSAT. (Credit: MPE)

Lifetime: June 1990 - February 1999

Operators (primary): Germany, United States, United Kingdom

Primary Science

The Röntgen Satellite, or ROSAT for short, was a dedicated X-ray observatory. It's first year was dedicated to an all-sky survey. In it's subsequent years, it made pointed observations for deep studies of a wide variety of X-ray objects.

Science Highlights

  • Performed an all-sky survey, catloging more than 150,000 objects
  • Detected more than 100,000 serendipitous sources
  • Detailed study of the X-ray structure of supernova remnants and clusters of galaxies
  • Discovery of X-ray emission from comets

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