Afterschool Universe

Resources for Program Facilitators

Interested in bringing Afterschool Universe to middle-schoolers in out-of-school-time? This page contains the resources you will need to facilitate the program with children.

  • Program Curriculum
    Detailed instructions for how to do each activity, as well as printable copies of all included handouts and worksheets, and other optional resources to help with certain sessions
  • Materials
    Resources to help you gather together the physical materials necessary to run the Afterschool Universe activities
  • Training Videos
    Training videos meant to supplement the manual and refresh what was learned in training
  • Background Presentations
    Provided for the facilitator to supplement the background information in the manual and to help you prepare yourself
  • Promotional Tools
    Helpful tools for spreading the word about the program, that can be integrated into your own website, flier, or program
  • Evaluation Tools
    Specific tools developed for the Afterschool Universe program
  • NASA photo-use permission form [PDF]
    We would be delighted to post pictures from your program on our website! However, we require permission to use pictures of students under the age of 18. If you are planning to send us any pictures, please also send us a signed NASA photo-use permission form.

Are you a certified Afterschool Universe trainer? Check back later for additional resources to assist you in training other adults in how to facilitate Afterschool Universe in your area. If you have undergone a training yourself and would like to become a certified Afterschool Universe trainer, please contact us.

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