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What do all scientists have in common? No, it is not that they wear pocket protectors or are geeks. It is that they all ask questions. Lots and lots of questions, since asking questions about what you see is one way to figure out how things work. Here at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, there are lots of people working towards a better understanding of the Universe around us. However, it is not always clear how particular observations can shed light on how our Universe works. Have you ever wondered how scientists work to understand the things in the skies around us? Have you ever wondered what the rocket scientists at NASA DO at work all day? Or how they spend their weekend?

To give you an idea about the people who are the scientists here and the kinds of research they are pursuing, we have put together some profiles for you. There will be a new scientist featured about once a year...but old scientists never die, they just move to the archive!

Please check back frequently for additions to this page!