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Swift spacecraft

Artist's impression of the Swift spacecraft.

Swift is a first-of-its-kind multi-wavelength observatory dedicated to the study of gamma-ray burst (GRB) science. Its three instruments work together to observe GRBs and afterglows in the gamma-ray, X-ray, optical, and ultraviolet wavebands. Swift was launched into a low-Earth orbit on a Delta 7320 rocket on November 20th, 2004. As of April 2018, Swift has observed more than 1300 bursts.

In these pages you will be able to learn more about the mission itself, find classroom support materials, download images, and discover related resources.

This web site was created by the Swift Education and Public Outreach effort headed by the Education and Public Outreach group at Sonoma State University in Sonoma County, California.

If you are a researcher looking for technical information about Swift, please visit the Swift Project Site.