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Image Gallery

Spacecraft Delivery Gallery

Swift's arrival at NASA's Kennedy Space Center

Images from the arrival of the Swift Spacecraft at NASA's Kennedy Space Center on September 9, 2002 and in the cleanroom as the spacecraft was unpacked.

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Launch Image Gallery

Swifth launching aboard the Boeing Delta II expendable launch vehicle

Images from the launch of the Swift Spacecraft on November 20, 2004. All images are from NASA's Kennedy Space Center.

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Images of the Swift Instruments

A technician checks the Swift BAT coded aperture mask

These galleries contain images of the Swift instruments - the Burst Alert Telescope (BAT), X-Ray Telescope (XRT), and UltraViolet/Optical Telescope (UVOT) - during integration and testing.

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Spacecraft Art and Graphics Gallery

Computer rendering of the Swift spacecraft

Artist impressions and illustrations of the Swift spacecraft.

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Science Illustration Gallery

An artist's impression of merging neutron stars, one of the progenitors of gamma-ray bursts.

This gallery features images that illustrate some aspect of Swift science.

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Poster Gallery

Swift's multiwavelength observations of galaxies

This gallery contains posters created and inspired by Swift science.

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