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Interview with Swift Principal Investigator Neil Gehrels

Neil Gehrels

NASA Education Resource Director Phil Plait interviews Swift PI Neil Gehrels at the High-Energy Astrophysics Division (HEAD) meeting in October, 2006 in San Francisco, California. Topic: very distant gamma-ray bursts detected by Swift.

Duration: 4:20


The Swift Song

Illustration of the Swift spacecraft

The Swift Song is the theme song of the mission; an upbeat, catchy pop tune which teaches listeners about the math and science behind the elusive gamma ray bursts and the Swift satellite. It's a roller coaster gamma ray ride!

Performed by The Chromatics as part of their AstroCappella educational project: www.astrocappella.com. The Chromatics are an a capella group of astrophysicists including Padi Boyd, Alan Smale, Karen Smale, Lisa Kelleher (all from NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center), John Meyer (JHU), Deb Nixon, and Paul Kolb. Lyrics and music to written by Padi Boyd. Produced by Jeff Gruber (Blue House Productions) and The Chromatics. Copyright 1999 P. Boyd.

Duration: 2:44