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Imagine the Universe!

Imagine the Universe!
Ten Year Anniversary!

In 2006, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary of Imagine the Universe! on the Web with a series of restrospectives, comparing what we know now vs. what we knew 10 years ago. This series covers a range of topics, with each article showing the progress over this time. We see what we knew 10 years ago, what we know now, and and how we got here.

All the stories we have told in this series remain open-ended. Astronomers continue to ask questions, which lead to new discoveries about our Universe. And these just lead to more questions. So we expect our understanding of the universe and the objects in it to continue to grow. And Imagine the Universe! will continue to follow these developments, and bring them to you. For teachers and students, we will continue to provide these in forms that are understandable and useable in the classroom. So continue with us on this journey of discovery.

As part of the series, we also published a number of retrospectives on Imagine the Universe!