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Student Hera: Imaging Tool

Imaging Tool - Basic Functions

Student Hera will allow you to open different images that have been collected from the ROSAT satellite. The tools in Student Hera will allow you to manipulate the images in different manners to look for new information. Follow the instructions below to get a guided tour of how to use Student Hera.

These directions can also be downloaded as a PDF file in the "PDF Files" menu tab.

To install the Hera software, please visit this page: Installing Student Hera on your computer.

IMPORTANT: For the image files being used, the only available tool that will produce anything is the POW Plot Tool. Do not use any of the File Utilities or XRONOS Tools; they are for another type of activity.

Basic Operations of Student Hera

  • Open Student Hera
    1. Student Hera will ask for log in, hit the "login" button.
    2. A new screen should appear.
  • Go to the "Available Tools" area.
    1. Click on the "Imaging Tool" folder.
    2. Click on "Pow Plot".
  • Go the the "Available FITS File List (read only)".
    1. Choose the "Rosat.25KeV" file by clicking on the diamond to the left of the image name.
    2. The diamond next to the file will be highlighted in red when selected.
  • Click on the "Run" button.
    1. "Pow Plot" should appear in the white box to the right of "Run" button.
  • Image will pop up in new window like the one below.
    1. This is how any image file can be opened in Student Hera.
    Student Hera image window
    Click image for larger picture.

  • Now that the image is open, follow the directions in the next sections to learn how to manipulate the image in different ways.


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