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Student Hera: Imaging Tool

Imaging Tool - Duplicating Images and Opening Multiple Images

Duplicating Images
  • Duplicating an image is a great way to manipulate one image while being able to compare it to the original data graph. It allows you to see how you are manipulating the image and if what you are doing is allowing you to observe anything new.
  • Open an image.
    1. Go to the "Edit" toolbar.
    2. Choose "Duplicate Graph".
    3. The new duplicate image will appear to the right of the original.

Opening Multiple Images

  • Opening multiple images is helpful so that one image can be compared to another. This way you can compare one energy level image to another energy level.
  • Open one image and move it to the side.
    1. Go back to the original Student Hera menu.
    2. Select a new image to open, choose Pow Plot as the tool, and click run.
    3. The new image will appear to the right of the original one in the new window.


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