Cosmic Times

Educator Resources

Cosmic Times is a series of curriculum support materials that trace the history of our understanding of the universe during the past 100 years, from Einstein's formulation of gravity to the discovery of dark energy. It consists of 6 posters, each resembling the front page of a newspaper from a particular time in this history, with articles describing the discoveries. The language of the articles mimics that of a newspaper from its respective era.

In this Educator Resource area of the Cosmic Times website, you will find materials to help you use Cosmic Times in your classroom or other educational setting.

  • Educator Guide

    The Guide is organized by Cosmic Times issue, so that each poster, or "year", has its own set of pages. For each issue, you will find notes on the articles, downloads, and lesson plans.
  • Downloads

    The Downloads page contains all the available downloads for the Cosmic Times, organized by Cosmic Times year.
  • Workshops

    The Workshops page contains presentations and workshop materials that our team has presented on Cosmic Times.

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