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Universe Mash-Ups Lesson Plan
Extension: Sharing the Mash-ups

During the Extension, students share their Universe Mash-up projects. After all, what good is a video project if others don't get to see it?

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Classroom Instruction

How students share their videos is largely up to you. However, if you are sharing them on a publicly accessible site, you will need to obtain parental permission to post student works.

A class blog or wiki would be a natural place to post the student projects. If you don't already have a place to share work online with your students, check with your school to see what tools it has access to such tools. Alternatively, you could simply play the videos for the whole class or make the videos available on an in-class computer.

Optionally, you can ask students to give feedback on their classmate's projects. You may want to guide the feedback, asking students to leave one comment that describes something they really liked about each project and a second comment that describes something that confused them about each project. If you have time, or as extra credit, you can invite students to revise their projects (or simply submit a final script reflecting how they would revise their projects) based on the class feedback.

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