Cosmic Times

Universe Mash-Ups Lesson Plan

During the Evaluation, students evaluate their own projects based on the grading rubric distributed during the Engagement. Students also receive final scores.

Handout used in the Evaluation

Classroom Instruction

With the projects finalized, students are ready to evaluate their work and receive evaluations from their teacher.

  1. Self Evaluation

    Hand out the Self-Evaluation worksheet to students and have them fill out the score they believe they deserve, based on the Universe Mash-up Grading Rubric.

  2. Final grades

    Grade the student projects using the Grading Rubric. Respond to the student's self evaluation to show where you agree with their assessment and where they may have missed the mark. Make your comments constructive so students see how they could have improved their project if they were given a chance to revise it.

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